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Cavesson Bridle - Design your own

Cavesson Bridle - Design your own

LS Cavesson Bridle - 100% made in New Zealand using high quality Beta BioThane & marine grade stainless steel fittings. 

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NZ$ 155.00

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  • Beta Crimson Red
  • Dusty Turquoise (TU521)
  • Beta Charcoal Grey
  • Periwinkle Blue (BU525)
  • Beta Magenta Pink (PK526)
  • Beta Sage Green (GN527)
  • Beta Holy Guacamole (GN52A)
  • Beta Marvelous Mauve (PU525)
  • Beta Rose Gold (PK525)
  • Beta Light Gold (GD522)
  • Beta Silver (SI526)
  • Beta Powder Tan (TN52D)
  • Beta Caramel (BR521)
  • Beta Foliage Green (FG521)
  • Beta White (WH521)
  • Beta Wine/Maroon (WN521)
  • Beta Red (RD522)
  • Beta Dark Brown (BR523)
  • Beta Black (BL520)
  • Beta Lavender (PU522)
  • Beta Violet Purple (VI521)
  • Beta Amethyst (PU524)
  • Beta Coral (PC524)
  • Beta Bright Pink (PK521)
  • Beta Hot Pink (PK523)
  • Beta Pastel Pink (PK522)
  • Beta Bright Orange (OR522)
  • Beta Pastel Orange (OR529)
  • Beta Bright Green (GN528)
  • Exclusive - Dusty Light Pink (PK527)
  • Beta Emerald Green (GN529)
  • Beta Hunter Green (GN522)
  • Beta Apple Green (GN525)
  • Beta Seafoam (GN52K)
  • Beta Pastel Green (GN529)
  • Beta Yellow (YE521)
  • Beta Pastel Yellow (YE524)
  • Beta Burnt Orange (OR524)
  • Beta Neon Yellow (YE527)
  • Beta Teal (TE521)
  • Beta Pastel Blue (BU52B)
  • Beta Polar Blue (BU527)
  • Beta Light Blue (BU52K)
  • Beta Petrol Blue (BU526)
  • Beta Cyan Blue (BU521)
  • Beta Royal Blue (BU522)
  • Beta Lagune (BU52F)
  • Beta Navy Blue (BU522)
  • Beta Olive (OD521)
  • Beta Grey (GY523)
  • Beta Gold (GD521)
  • Beta Beige (TN525)
  • Beta Camo Orange
  • Beta Camo Green
  • Beta Camo Pink
  • Gold Hiflex Silver SI101
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Never oil your bridle again! Simply hose down, and sponge with soap - Say goodbye to smelly, mouldy, hard tack!

Have the look of leather, yet the soft, lightweight supplness of BioThane - Trust me your horses with thank you for it

BioThane isnt just for Endurance Riders, it's for everyone, and once you try your first bridle, I can promise you that you won't look back!

Check out this Black Cavesson Bridle. It comes with a marine grand fully waterproof padding to the nose, browband & head. 

- I now stock almost every colour of the rainbow in this Marine padding, so you can mix and match your colours even more than before

Please state in the additional information box which colour padding you would like 

All items are made to order and are subject to current lead times.