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Sizing Charts

Below you will find some sizing charts for popular bridle & halter options.  Please note with all LS gear being handmade items, there may be a very marginal mm difference between bridle to bridle.  

If you can’t see the size you’re after feel free to contact me alternatively you can select “made to measure” and follow the instructions on our measurement guide.

LS Deux Bridle

Pony - 


Nose 27.5cm, Nose back (adjustable) 17-42cm, Cheek Pieces 13cm, Chin Strap 11cm, Throatlash (adjustable exc clip) 25cm - 48cm


Browband (behind ear to behind ear) 39cm, Headpiece 62cm, Cheek Pieces 16cm

Arab/Cob - 


Nose front 28.5cm, Nose Back (adjustable) 17-44cm, Cheek pieces 14cm, Headpiece 65cm, Chin strap 12cm, Throat strap (adjustable ex clip) 27-51cm


Browband (behind ear to behind ear) 40.5cm, Headpiece 68cm, Cheek pieces (buckle to buckle) 17cm

Full - 


Nose front 31cm, Nose back (adjustable) 17-50cm, Cheek pieces 16cm, Headpiece, 68cm, Chin strap 13cm, Throatlash (adjustable exc clip) 27cm - 55cm


Browband (behind ear to behind ear) 43cm, Headpiece 75cm, Cheek pieces (buckle to buckle) 20cm

Extra Full -


Nose front 32.5cm, Nose back (adjustable) 17cm - 53cm, Cheek pieces 18cm, Head piece 72cm, Chin strap 15cm, Throatlash (adjustable exc clip), 27cm- 57cm)


Browband 44cm, Headpiece, 80cm, cheek pieces 21cm