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Multi Bridle - Design your Own

Multi Bridle - Design your Own

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Customize your own Multi bridle with a choice of up to 3 colors.

LS BETA® BioThane® Multi Bridle - 100% made in New Zealand

The LS Multi Bridle is an absolute Game Changer for head shy horses 🐎

- Adjust from both left & right with buckles on each side
- Single strap over the head allowing more space behind the ears
- Clip on browband allows for easy removal, stops interference with the horses ears
- Halter ring at the back & removable bit hangers allows for you to use the bridle as an everyday halter alleviating the need to switch between halter & bridle
- Side pull rings enables the rider to use the bridle bitless
- Bit Hangers allows the rider to use a bit when required
- Jowl strap around the throat keeps the bridle from twisting & the cheek pieces away from the horses eyes

🌈 Available in over 40 Beta BioThane Colours including Reflective & Camo

💻 Non Reflective -

💻 Reflective-

Breast plates, bridles, martingales, girth loops - can all be custom made as part of the LS Enduro range.

BETA® has a similar finish to leather.

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Customer Reviews

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Love my custom LS Multi Bridle!

I was that annoying customer that asked MILLIONS of questions but nothing was a problem and LS Equestrian were happy to send me photos of colours together etc to make sure we had the right plan moving forward. My horse now has a beautifully made bridle and reins, and he goes really well in it. I love that I can decide if I want to ride with or without a bit, it's so easy to switch between. The brass fixings are awesome quality too. Great product thank you so much, I'll be back!

Multi Bridle for 28” mini horse

This bridle looks beautiful, fits perfectly, is easy to put on, soft and comfortable and perfect in every way.