Collection: LS Cavesson Bridle

LS Cavesson Bridle - 100% made in New Zealand using high quality Beta BioThane & marine grade stainless steel fittings. 

Never oil your bridle again! Simply hose down, and sponge with soap - Say goodbye to smelly, mouldy, hard tack! 👋

Have the look of leather, yet the soft, lightweight supplness of BioThane - Trust me your horses with thank you for it 🫶

BioThane isn’t just for Endurance Riders, it’s for everyone, and once you try your first bridle, I can promise you that you won’t look back!

Check out this Black Cavesson Bridle. It comes with a marine grand fully waterproof padding to the nose, browband & head. 🖤

- I now stock almost every colour of the rainbow in this Marine padding, so you can mix and match your colours even more than before 🌈🦄

💚 Please state in the additional information box which colour padding you would like 

All items are made to order and are subject to current lead times.